There’s a free online summit this weekend that I’m excited about, and I think you will be too!

It’s all about the many facets of executive function, and how they impact 2e kids, “typical” gifted kids, ADHD kids, etc. And the person spearheading it (Seth Perler) is the executive function guru.

Why should you care?

Executive-function deficits often become a huge problem for kite kids around the time they hit middle school or high school. These students never had to learn basic organization and study skills to succeed, and suddenly, they need them! They’re like deer in headlights.

Aug. 22-25 free online summit re: major pain point for kite kids: executive-function deficits

Parents and teachers think these tween/teen kite kids are becoming lazy or uninterested, but really, they’re struggling. Their peers developed those skills years before. Students are expected to know them by middle school. It would be like sticking a kid in an eighth-grade math class who hasn’t mastered basic addition and subtraction.

Additionally, executive function deficits can cause kite kids to struggle socially.(Think impulse control, emotional control and flexibility.) Ever met a high-intellect child who was less mature than his peers? Or a high-intellect kid who could not “let it go” when someone broke a real – or even perceived – rule?

Summit details

Seth has lined up 23 expert speakers and, let me tell you, these are top-notch folks. The fact that you can hear them at no cost is amazing.

Over the span of three days, you’ll have free access to each day’s presentations for 24 hours. If you’d like ongoing access to them (via downloads and transcripts), Seth offers that, too, for a fee. Plus, you’ll get access to additional content.

Needless to say, I’m going to watch quite a few of the presentations. I hope you will, too!

For more details and to register for this event, visit:

Don’t miss out! Even if you only watch one or two, it will be worth it.

Always learning,