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Every day you strive to guide students in new and engaging ways. Here are tons of ways to continue doing so this Valentine’s Day, while also showing some class spirit in the process!

Printable Valentine’s Day bookmarks

A memento they’ll use long after the holiday is a bookmark, especially when it’s one as pretty as these. What makes these sets even better is that all of them are digital files, available for instant download. (Yes, really. Even the watercolor ones pictured below!)

Here’s where you can find each of these animal-themed sets:

  1. Decorate-it-yourself corner bookmarks (set includes four designs)
  2. Owl, bunny & raccoon watercolor bookmarks
  3. Dog Valentine’s Day bookmarks
  4. Woodland animals bookmark set

And here’s where you can get these cute printable bookmarks pictured above:

  1. Rainbow-colored “#1 in my book” bookmarks
  2. Valentine’s Day kid jokes bookmarks
  3. Valentine monster bookmarks
  4. Red & white “#1 in my book” bookmarks

Printable Valentine’s Day cards & treat tags

Some other fun instant-downloads include: traditional Valentine’s Day cards, a valentine you can add a pencil to, and an editable printable that you can use for Valentine’s Day or other special occasions during the school year.

  1. “Write about something you love” valentine printable
  2. Apple with heart Valentine’s Day card to students
  3. A+ valentine! card
  4. Sweet treat gift tag (the designer made this digital file editable, so you can customize it to meet your needs) 🙂

  5. “Yoda best in the galaxy” instant-download valentine – perfect for teachers of upper elementary or middle school grades, or any teacher who is a Star Wars fan
  6. “Yoda best!” printable valentine card – my Baby Yoda-obsessed, 3rd grade daughter got these and loved them

Valentine’s Day lesson plans & STEM challenges

There are tons of great teaching resources for the holiday, too, which touch on a range of subjects. Here’s a sample below and where to find these products on Teachers Pay Teachers:

  1. The Case of the Secret Admirer by Don’t Let the Teacher Stay Up Late (a mystery to help practice drawing conclusions)
  2. Valentine’s Day logic puzzle by The Science Vault (students use math clues to solve the puzzle)
  3. Valentine digital breakout by It’s Simple as This (a Valentine’s Day-themed escape room activity that supports team building, perseverance, critical thinking and using a growth mindset)
  4. Sweet Reads activity by Pinkadots Elementary (student book-recommendation activity that can double as a bulletin board design)

  5. Valentine’s party packet by Teaching With Haley O’Connor (contains funny games, like Pin the Kiss on the Frog, as well as brain-building activities, such as Candy Heart Measuring and Candy Graphing. Haley also has a link to her Friendship Mix printables pictured below.)
  6. Valentine’s Day cryptogram puzzles by The Science Vault
  7. Valentine STEM task cards by Science Demo Guy
  8. Valentine’s Day self-esteem activity by Counselor Keri

I’m posting many other holiday-themed lessons, STEM challenges and class activities on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board, so be sure to look there as well. 🙂

Also, if you see a teaching product or activity that you think I should add to my Pinterest board, please tell me. (Simply contact me via my blog’s contact page or send me a message via Pinterest or an Instagram message.)

Note: the ideas I collect can accommodate various skill levels,
so every student can grow in that subject area.

Books to read in February

These books below are great additions to classroom libraries and school libraries. The first two are great for kids who like mysteries. The third and fourth books are stories about misunderstood main characters. (Some TpT creators have great reading and writing activities that relate to them.)

  1. Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
  2. A to Z Mysteries super edition #8: Secret Admirer by Ron Roy
  3. Mr. Prickles: A Quill-fated Love Story by Kara LaReau
    (see the class activity on TpT by The Literacy Nest that relates to this book)
  4. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli
    (see the TpT reading and writing activity by The Applicious Teacher that relates to this book)

Valentine’s Day homework passes & reward cards

And finally, printables that are a gift to everyone. Give students (and their parents) a break from homework for one night, which is a present to you, too, because you’ll have fewer papers to grade! Plus, you’ll be supporting a fellow teacher. What’s not to love, right?

  1. “Look whoo is getting a Valentine’s Day reward” sheet
  2. Robot-themed Valentine’s Day homework passes
  3. Assorted set of homework passes for Valentine’s Day

Ways to show off your class spirit

Lastly, t-shirts with thoughtful messages (like the ones below) are another way to remind students how much you care about them.

In addition to teachers, many of these designs would be great for: school counselors, administrators and others who don’t have a class, but who support students in other ways.

  1. “My class is full of sweet hearts” t-shirt (other colors available)
  2. “Teaching fills my heart” t-shirt (available in three colors & two neck styles)
  3. “My class is full of sweet hearts” t-shirt (many colors)
  4. “All of me loves all of you” t-shirt

  5. “My students stole my heart” t-shirt
  6. “Bee mine” t-shirt
  7. Llama Valentine’s Day t-shirt
  8. “Owl always love you” t-shirt

After posting this article, I found two more tees that were so cute I had to add them. See below:

  1. “You matter” t-shirt (additional colors available)
  2. Vintage pick-up truck with hearts “special delivery” t-shirt (available in several colors)

So there you have it. I hope you love this list of Valentine’s Day attire; instant-download valentines and bookmarks; and various types of class activities and challenges.

(Again, see my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for a growing list of TpT products and other holiday-themed resources.) 🙂

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Ways to nurture students' hearts & minds on Valentine’s Day