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I cover a lot of topics on my blog and corresponding social media accounts. That’s because being a “kite kid” affects the whole child; not just I.Q.

Yes, each of these kiddos has an unusually high ability in one or more areas; however, success in life is no guarantee – especially if they’re twice exceptional or multi exceptional.

Too often, they’re targets for bullies. Even some adults who don’t understand their divergent thinking and intensities humiliate and shame them. There also is a surprisingly high percentage of what some call gifted underachievers – a term to describe gifted individuals who mentally check out because their outside-the-norm needs aren’t recognized and/or aren’t being addressed.

All of this must change, and the best way to start, in my opinion, is to separate fact from fiction about this misunderstood segment of the population. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, when we know better, we do better.

That’s what I began blogging.

An easy way to help

If you’d like to help offset the expenses related to my blog, and its Pinterest and Instagram accounts, a simple way to do so is to use my affiliate links.

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If you clicked on one and ended up making an online purchase, the person or company who sent you there received a small referral fee. What’s important to know, though, is that this doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the products they recommend; they probably do, especially if they provide a detailed explanation about why they’re a fan.

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My affiliate programs

So, now that you understand how this works, here are the affiliate programs I’m signed up for:

Bright and Quirky

This service-based small business focuses on supporting the parents of twice-exceptional (2e) children. Bright and Quirky holds virtual conferences and has an online membership that includes: a private Facebook group, weekly check-ins and coaching, and members-only masterclasses with various 2e experts. Because most therapists and educators don’t understand the unique traits and needs of 2e children, they also can learn a lot from the online conferences.

If you’d like to sign up for a Bright and Quirky virtual event or membership, I humbly ask that you use my Bright and Quirky referral link, if you heard about them through me. It won’t cost you anything extra and it will help me continue sharing my own tips, stories and insights.


Chances are you’ve heard of Etsy, the online marketplace for artists and makers to sell their creations. I’ve been a fan since 2010 (here’s what started my obsession). Whether you’re shopping for home goods, party decorations, a special gift, or something just for you, each time you make an Etsy purchase, you can support the kite kids mission by using my Etsy affiliate link.


The affiliate links on my blog are mostly for books I recommend, like Perfectionism, Make Your Worrier a Warrior and Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults. You’ll see them in some of my articles and on my parent resources, teacher resources and clinician resources pages. Amazon pays its affiliates less than 3% per purchase, so the commission usually amounts to quarter or two.

If you believe in the work I’m doing and want to support me each time you make a purchase at Amazon (regardless of what product you buy), you can use an all-encompassing Kite Kid Mama link for Amazon. All you have to do is click on the Amazon banner ad below. 


If you recognize the name Ravensburger, you likely associate it with puzzles. My family has assembled several of their 1,000-piece puzzles and my son got one of their 3-D puzzles last Christmas, which he loved building. What sets Ravensburger apart from other puzzle makers is that they use thicker cardboard than most manufacturers, and they print each image on low-glare paper. Through Ravensburger’s website, you also can create a custom photo puzzle that contains anywhere from 10 pieces to several thousand pieces.

In addition to puzzles, the company produces GraviTrax marble runs and several boards games. My kids love Labyrinth, a board game that changes as you play it because pieces of the maze move. Just like Ravensburger’s puzzles, Labyrinth’s main board and moving board parts are made from high-quality, durable cardboard.

Chess House

Established in 1972, Chess House is a fantastic resource for chess sets and training materials. They offer starter sets, travel sets, heirloom sets and electronic chess games, as well as themed collections, ranging from literary greats and popular movies, to animals, sports and military-themed chess pieces. They even carry those jumbo lawn sets!

Chess House also tests every product and offers a 90-day return policy (without restocking fees).

Outschool online courses, camps and tutoring

I’m a huge fan of Outschool. Their online, interactive classes were a godsend when the COVID-19 pandemic began – and my kids’ school essentially closed for the rest of the school year.

Outschool is built on the idea that human interactions around common interests are key to learning. That’s why they offer classes like Math with Minecraft and Harry Potter-themed Chemistry!

My 2e son has taken several courses that are perfect for bright and quirky kids.

And my artistic, animal-loving daughter has participated in several of these interactive courses. Her favorite one was learning and writing about baby bunnies! She also loved the Outschool STEM course (pictured right) when she lost a big toenail last summer and couldn’t wear a shoe while it healed.

  • Parent link to search for one-time classes, ongoing classes, seasonal camps or private online tutoring sessions for your child.   
  • Become an instructor link if you’d like to learn what it takes to offer your own courses, camps or tutoring services via Outschool

Outschool has gift cards, too, which are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, school breaks and other occasions. Just add a printable gift certificate and you’re done!

Joules rainwear and clothing

My favorite rain boots

Joules has the prettiest rain boots around. I purchased this pair about four years ago and I still get compliments when I wear them!

If botanicals aren’t your style, they also have prints featuring dogs, birds, polka dots, stripes and other eye-catching designs. Joules also offers children’s rain boots, rain jackets for the whole family, and adorable clothing and outerwear for babies.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for caring enough to read through this. I appreciate it more than words can express.

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