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When I was a kid watching the Rebel Princess help save the galaxy, I never would have guessed that Star Wars would still be “a big thing” decades later, or that my children would even know what it was!

But here we are – and The Force is more popular than ever. In fact, between the new immersive-experience areas at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and the Dec. 20 release of The Rise of Skywalker, it’s an incredible time to be a Star Wars fan!

Inspiration for a room theme

Three years ago, my husband and I decided it was time to give our kindergartner a big boy room. We asked for his input, but we also wanted to ensure it was a theme that he’d like for several years. We agreed on Star Wars and, almost four years later, he still loves it.

If you’d like to infuse a Star Wars theme into your child’s room or playroom, here are some fun ideas.

Book storage

This hilariously awesome Yoda-Using-The-Force book holder is a “must have.”

I love artist Teki3dDesign’s creativity, and am totally going to surprise my son with this for Christmas.

(The fact that it’s made on a 3-D printer will make him love it even more!)

These AT AT bookends are awesome, too.

If you look at the artist’s photos, you’ll see that they also look great without books between them. It just looks like a cool statue!

Large wall art

I adore blueprints, so these Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter printable posters caught my eye, too. They’re a great way to break up empty wall space, and the blueprint color is perfect for a Star Wars- themed room.

The Etsy seller offers 58 different Star Wars blueprints, so your image options are practically endless. And at only $7 per digital file, that’s a lot of bang for your buck – especially if you have a tight budget. (Frames not included, of course.)

These X-Wing Fighter and The Empire Strikes Back digital illustrations are available through the same seller as the blueprint posters. Aren’t they great?

He offers several other Star Wars illustrations, too.

I also love this set of four watercolor Star Wars-inspired images.

(The artist also has a photo on this product listing, which shows how these look when you add white frames.)

And if you’re decorating a room for a really small Jedi, this Star Wars nursery wall art is a great option!

It comes in a set of three images that are accompanied by sweet quotes from Dr. Seuss and others. What’s more, the artist sends you the digital files in four sizes, so you can easily fit this artwork to the size of your space.

Small framed art

If there’s a spot where you’d need smaller art pieces, these vintage action figures from the 1970s are perfect! You can display one on a dresser, hang one on a small wall space, or hang two to four of them together as a fun collection.

Pictured above is a framed vintage Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker set and a framed vintage R2-D2 action figure. Oh, the memories!


Artist Master Glasster’s R2-D2 Tiffany-style lamp shade speaks for itself. The detail is incredible!

(He makes a slightly smaller version, too.)

This Star Wars lamp shade, (which is also handmade) won’t set you back quite as much! Lol

Seriously though, it’s super cute and the seller has great reviews, so you know she’s both reliable and makes a quality product.

This Star Wars Death Star 3-D LED lamp is easier on the pocketbook, too.

Cool, isn’t it?

And the fun lighting options don’t stop there…

Here’s a remote-control Rebel Princess sign. Just turn on its LED base and pick from 16 unique RGB colors. Or choose from one of the pre-recorded switching sequences.

Girl power!

Smaller accent pieces

You also can have a lot of fun with finishing touches, such as Star Wars drawer pulls, Star Wars light-switch plates and Star Wars night lights.

And this hand-painted tissue box cover is straight up ah-mazing!

You can choose four images. Here are three of them; see the artist’s product listing on Etsy for more options.

Pulling this look together

Personally, I like to think long-term when it comes to decorating.

With great accents like the ones I mentioned above, you can use more basic pieces for window treatments and such. For example, the black-out drapes on my son’s windows are solid navy. That way, if he ever wants a new room theme, there’s a good chance the navy drapes will look great with the next one, too.

The same is true for bedding. You can buy a good-quality navy quilt and soft light-gray sheets. Then, simply add a fun Star Wars throw blanket or Star Wars-inspired decorative pillows.

I love this May the Force help you clean your room pillow!

Anything is worth a try, right?

Again, sticking with basics for bigger items will make it much easier if you want to switch out the theme in a few years.

And lastly, I like to have no more than two main colors in a room. (In my son’s room, it’s navy and light gray.) Then, add little pops of other colors in accent pieces. This will help give a room a calm and cohesive look.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun. I’m sure your kiddo will love the end result!