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If you have a “kite kid” (or you think you may), there’s a good chance you already know how confusing “giftedness” can be.

Your child sees the world through an amazing lens; however, he’s misunderstood by many peers – and even adults.

When my son’s test results came back, and I began to educate myself on “the G word,” I was totally overwhelmed. On one hand, seemingly disparate dots began to align – and I was amazed by how they connected.

At the same time, however, it was a lot to take in. Less than a year in, I’d devoured so much information that I felt like I could have gotten another college degree – and there was still a lot more to learn!

If you’re new to the world of “giftedness,” let me shorten this process for you. Here’s a great starting point, which summarizes the basics.

Then, you can take deeper dives as you see where your child struggles most.

If your child is still in elementary school, you also can try to get ahead of some challenges on the horizon. For example, deficits in executive function can start to cause major problems in middle school and high school – and adults often misinterpret those shortcomings to be laziness or indifference.

I also have suggestions on how to help your child meet like-minded peers, and ways to nurture your kite kid’s interests. A lot of this information is within the core pages of this site. I also write blog articles as my son tries new camps and extracurricular activities.   

Speaking of blog articles, I have a long list of story topics that I still need to write about. Some topics are deeper dives on clinical, educational and social-emotional aspects of giftedness; others are fun ways to inspire your sweet kiddo.

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