Have you ever channeled your efforts toward one pursuit, but kept feeling yourself being nudged in a different direction? Well, that’s how this blog – and the term “kite kids” – came into existence.

Although I love the work I do as a communications strategist, the writer in me wanted to dip my toe into other types of freelance work. As I researched opportunities, blogging popped up as one option. Like any self-respecting person with Impostor Syndrome would do, I quickly dismissed this suggestion, thinking I’d never be able to come up with enough content to justify starting one. And besides, I’m no expert on giftedness. Who would listen to me if I did blog? I’d have, like, three followers!

So instead, I looked at ways to sell individual stories to publications and websites; however, blogging kept rearing its ugly head. (Supposedly, editors take you more seriously if you have one.)

A couple days later, as this bit of information continued to bounce around in my brain, it was as if a valve opened. And what lurked inside was anything but subdued. It wasn’t like the trickling of a leaky faucet; it was much more like what happens when you turn on a firehose.

Blog ideas were popping up at all times of day and night. Even when I was sitting at my keyboard, sometimes my fingers couldn’t type fast enough.

It was three years of confusion and frustration pouring out of me – and my solution to create something positive out of a mountain of hurt.

You see, from ages five to seven, my son had been teased, excluded and, in several cases, straight up bullied. It didn’t matter how nice he was, how I dressed him, or what we coached him on. And the group of peers didn’t matter either. The dynamic was constant.

Now, here I was, finally knowing the reason – and it frustrated me.

Why didn’t someone mention the possibility of this sooner? And how on earth could it be the cause of so much animosity?

Surely other families were struggling with this issue, too….

I couldn’t bear the thought of it. I felt obligated to shine a light for those still wandering in the dark.

Now here I am, six months later, creating this blog.

So many aspects of my career – and life – have led to this moment. Part of me wonders if it’s divine intervention…if the reason my career path and the organizations I’ve worked with, have been for a greater purpose that’s only now revealing itself.

I love my consulting work and don’t want to give that up, so I’m not sure where all of this will go. However, I do have high hopes for this site – and an editorial calendar with more than a year’s worth of story ideas!

I hope you’ll join me as I embark on this journey.

Thanks for your interest.

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