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Every school has bright, but complex students, and often, very few educators and peers understand them. Adults may try to coach them, but it doesn’t seem to help.

It’s confusing, too, because these kids are smart and, intellectually, they can repeat our tips and suggestions. Yet, they don’t put them into practice, so they continue to flounder.

Info for general education teachers about bright, but complex students + free bookmarks for students

This can become frustrating because, again, they’re really bright. So why, oh why, don’t they apply it?

My son is like this and, at times, it’s been infuriating.

Lack of knowledge

For three years, his teachers and I didn’t know what was going on. In hindsight, there were quite a few indicators, especially by second grade; however, we weren’t familiar with them. And so, he continued to be ignored, excluded and in some instances, straight up bullied.

After having a full evaluation and finally learning what was contributing to a lot of it, I was kind of dumbfounded. I then spent hundreds of hours educating myself. Not surprisingly, I have a whole new perspective.

Paying it forward

To better ensure other kids don’t needlessly struggle, I’m taking some of the basics I’ve learned and am distilling it into small, digestible stories. This is knowledge that all educators should have; not just those with degrees in special education. I honestly feel that general education teachers would feel less perplexed – and more empowered – if they knew some of this.

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Info for general education teachers about bright, but complex students + free bookmarks for students

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The most important job

Thanks for the incredible role you play in children’s lives, and everything you do to nurture and prepare them for that big world out there. You are truly amazing!

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