Welcome. I’m glad you’re here! I’ve learned a lot about kite kids (my term for gifted) since September 2018. And because you’re here, I’m guessing you want to know more about them, as well.

If you don’t fully understand how this “differently wired” phenomenon works, I can relate. I lived with one of these kiddos for just over eight years before learning that he’s the G word.

My son loves to break down numbers like that, so that’s about 2,967 days. Lol

In any case, as you know better than anyone, knowledge is power. And I’m here to shorten “the G word” learning process for you – and anyone else who wants to know more.

In addition to what you already see in this Educators section, I’m writing new articles each week and posting them on my home page. Some topics are informative (tics, allergies, etc.); others are inspiring or just plain fun!

Here are some that may interest you:

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