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Most parents of “gifted” children think of teachers and school administrators when it comes to meeting their kids’ needs. If the child isn’t twice-exceptional (gifted + a disability), pediatric clinicians may not even be on their radar.

But after years of working in the healthcare industry, I know you play an important role, too.

The reason for this blog

In September 2018, I learned that my oldest child is “highly gifted.” That’s significant because I’d been trying to figure out for three years (since August 2015) why he was the target of “nice kids” and “mean kids” alike. It was happening: at school, on sports teams, during summer camp, and in our neighborhood. Pretty much everywhere.

Now I know that a combination of asynchronous development, overexcitabilities and being an extrovert, contributed to it. By first grade, social anxiety played a significant part, too.

Here’s what I also know: my son isn’t an anomaly. There are other kids going through similar struggles, and I want their parents to figure out what’s going on much faster than I did.

I’m not asking you to become an expert in giftedness; simply to know the basics. And to not fall for the myths.

What you’ll find here

In addition to what you see in this Clinicians section, I’m writing new articles each week and posting them on my home page. Some topics are educational (tics, allergies, etc.); others are inspiring or just plain fun!

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