Last year’s Bright & Quirky Online Summit was a game-changer for me. I saw it was a free event for parents of bright and quirky kids (yep, that’s me), and I was intrigued.

To say that the summit was helpful in my parenting journey, would be an understatement.

If you remember my How to help kids build “social smarts” story, it’s where I first saw Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP, founder of Social Thinking®. Michelle’s insights were a game-changer for me. I realized that she understood my child in a way that no one else did.   

Topics & featured experts for the 2020 Bright & Quirky Online Summit (March 12-16)

Bright & Quirky founder Debbie Steinberg Kuntz conducted that interview with Michelle. As the mom of two twice-exceptional (2e) teenagers, and a licensed therapist who helps families with 2e children, Debbie “gets” these bright and quirky kiddos on a level that few people do. Because of that, she asks great questions when interviewing other experts and offers wonderful insights of her own.

Here’s what another parent recently said about last year’s online summit:

“It allowed me to view my children differently, and to parent them differently. It’s an incredibly lonely place to be and now I know I’m not alone. Where we are now is so different from where we were a year ago. It’s just really incredible.” – Summit 2019 attendee

Details about the 2020 event

Debbie just released details about this year’s online summit. It’s scheduled for March 12-16 and, like 2019, it promises to be a life-changing event for many parents.

If you can’t get enough of Ross Greene or Linda Silverman’s wisdom, or you loved reading The Whole Brain Child or The Yes Brain by Tina Payne Bryson, these are just a few of the many thought-leaders Debbie interviewed this time. In total, she secured one-on-one talks with 22 world-class psychologists, educators and child-development experts.

A few topics they discuss include:

  • how to shore up lagging skills in emotional regulation, executive functions & learning.
  • how to identify the underlying cause of your child’s challenges.
  • how to empower 2e kids’ development through strengths & interests.
  • how to prevent your child’s stress from triggering yours (so you can be the parent your child needs).
Are you raising a bright child with learning, social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges? If so, the Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit is a must-see!

How the online summit works

  • Each day of the event has an overarching theme, with experts giving advice and insights about various aspects of that topic. Some themes relate to:
    • how to navigate parenting a twice-exceptional child
    • how to find the best educational fit for 2e kids
    • ways to manage anxiety and emotional intensity
  • To access these free talks, simply register for the summit.
  • You’ll receive an email each morning of the event with a link to that day’s free, pre-recorded interviews. (There are four to five talks per day, and you can view those recordings during the next 24 hours.)
  • At 8 a.m. Pacific Time the next day, access to those talks expires, and you’ll receive a new email with a link to another set of recordings. (This process continues through the rest of the online summit.)

My sneak peek

Are you raising a bright child with learning, social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges? If so, the Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit is a must-see!

As a member of the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab, an ongoing 2e parenting community, I got to watch Debbie’s interview with Linda as it was taking place in real time. So, I can assure you that the info Linda shares in that Day One talk is fantastic. Linda was full of interesting stories about 2e learners, and the very different ways in which they experience – and respond to – the world.

I’ve also seen past conversations that Debbie has had with experts Susan Baum, PhD; Dan Peters, PhD; and Seth Perler. Those talks were incredibly enlightening, so I’m confident the new topics she discusses with them will be, too.

Learn more

Even if you only have time to watch one or two talks, it will absolutely be worth your time. Here’s where to see the full schedule and/or register if you’d like to watch any of these free interviews regarding twice-exceptional children.

Register now!