If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve seen firsthand that I’m an open book. I love to share tips and tricks on how to make life easier.

As I’ve come into contact with other current and aspiring influencers, I’ve received questions about the tools I use.

Below are many of them. Some are affiliate links, meaning that if you visit their site through my link and end up making a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. There is absolutely no upcharge to you. In fact, many of these businesses run sales throughout the year, so there’s a good chance you can score a discount.

November and December are great months to snag sale prices.
Many have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and end-of-year promotions.

WordPress templates


Beautiful WordPress themes for female influencers & entrepreneurs.
WordPress templates for female influencers & entrepreneurs

When I first began building my blog, I purchased an “easy” WordPress theme (Divi) that had me in tears after 72 hours. The picture in my head and the monstrosity on my computer screen couldn’t have been more different. (Paying for an online course in how to use the software didn’t help, either. Web design was not my thing.) In desperation, I began searching for other solutions and realized I could purchase a blog template for the same price!

Bluchic’s templates immediately jumped out at me because of how clean-looking and beautiful they were. As I looked through their customers’ sites (on their Showcase page), it was easy to see how I could customize one of the templates with my colors and style of photography.

What’s more, the layout of their Paisley theme was exactly what I envisioned – a news-style homepage with plenty of navigational buttons at the top for core content. (Bluchic has themes/templates for product-centered businesses, too.)

Bluchic calls their designs themes, but they’re more like templates, in my opinion, because the bulk of the design and layout already exists. There is no starting from scratch, which to non-technical me, is exactly what that other WordPress theme I purchased felt like.

Beautiful WordPress themes for female influencers & entrepreneurs.

With Bluchic’s themes, you’re just swapping out photos and colors, and then pasting in your text. And of course, customizing the site map. But again, you start with a template that has a generic site map and page names, like the ones in the pink navigation bar of the Isabelle design above (e.g., home, about, etc.). Therefore, this process also is intuitive.

Much easier to create, a great-looking end product, and yet, the same price. It’s a no-brainer.

Logos and branding


I found Adri, the designer who created my logo and branding materials, on Etsy. She has many ready-to-purchase logos in her shop and also creates custom logos and branding materials. I was nervous to hire someone I knew I’d never meet (she lives in South Africa); however, I trusted the great customer reviews and am glad that I did. Adri is extremely professional and took me through a full branding process, including a discovery questionnaire, mood boards and such.

Etsy has tons of graphic designers who specialize in logos and branding, so simply find one with great reviews whose aesthetic fits your style.

Also, make sure you know the designer’s current workload and turn-around time. If you purchase a custom design, that process doesn’t happen overnight!

Stock photography


Occasionally I use an image from a free stock-photography site; however, those sites rarely have the shots I want and, when they do, I’ve seen them before on Pinterest and other places! With a membership site, I get a much better selection and the rate per image is very reasonable because I pay for a monthly package. Shutterstock is the one I use.

Get Started Now With Shutterstock

Creative Market 

There also are many great stock photos on Creative Market. The images tend to be extremely reasonable, even without buying a monthly package.

Creative Market is a great place to find gorgeous blog themes, PowerPoint & Google slide decks, & business card & brochure templates. They also have beautiful icon bundles, digital illustrations, stock photography  & more.
One of Creative Market’s icon bundles

In addition, you can find a wonderful variety of templates for anything and everything creative: blog themes, unique PowerPoint and Google slide templates, social media templates, business card templates, brochure templates and more. Designers on their site also make fonts, illustrations, logos, icons and other design tools.  

Social media templates


Canva is the design tool I use to create all of my Pinterest and Instagram images. I started out with the free version, but quickly upgraded to the Canva Pro option. This was worth it to me for the extra tools and functionality. (For example, my brand’s fonts and PMS colors are part of my profile and, therefore, never more than one click away.)


In addition to WordPress themes, Bluchic has 85 Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter templates in its Canva social media bundle. (Yes, 85!)

They all have the same look and feel as my blog theme, so this was a no-brainer for me. The templates provide a variety of looks for each platform, and have saved me so much time.

In addition to WordPress themes, Bluchic has 85 Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook templates in its Canva social media bundle. They're so easy to customize!
Bluchic’s drag & drop Canva templates are easy to customize

They also have opt-in templates, freebie library templates, and lead magnet templates, which I was about to hire a designer to create when Bluchic released them. There are 50 templates in that bundle alone. You could never hire a graphic designer to produce this many templates for the same price.

Web hosting


As I began researching web-hosting options for my blog, SiteGround quickly rose to the top based on reputation and price. I’ve been happy with my decision to use them.

Email marketing

This is an important one because social media platforms can change their algorithms at any time. What this means is that, one day, you can have tons of likes and follower engagement, and all of a sudden, it drops like a rock because almost none of your followers are seeing your posts anymore. The way to avoid this is capturing email addresses. People aren’t just going to hand theirs over to you, but when you show up consistently and provide value, they’ll realize they can trust you – and they won’t want to risk missing your posts, either.  🙂


For email marketing and landing pages, I use ConvertKit. There are free email marketing services out there, but as I researched them, I didn’t want the hassle of switching to a better platform once my list grew to a certain point. I knew the fire in my belly would get me to that number, so I opted for a tried-and-true platform that positioned me for growth. ConvertKit also has a great online community, responsive customer support, and periodically run contests with prizes (like free service for a year!) so the expense has definitely been worth it.  

(Bluchic also offers a course on how to grow an email list that is free and open to anyone.)

Social media scheduling


Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling platform. At the time of this writing, I’ve been using it for about two months and I really like it so far. They just introduced an Instagram “Smart bio” tool that I’m particularly in love with because now people have an easier time clicking on my story links. (Yay!) I also love that I can customize the buttons to my brand’s colors and the thumbnail images at the bottom. In addition, their analytics reports enable you to easily see which of your posts followers (and others) have liked and engaged with most.

Watch Tailwind’s free Instagram 101 Webinar

Tailwind also provides ongoing training opportunities, and send updates customers as Pinterest and Instagram make changes to their platforms. For example, last week (mid-November 2019), some Instagram influencers noticed their posts were getting a considerable increase in “hidden likes” (and decrease in publicly-visible likes). One of Tailwind’s content marketers wrote a detailed article about it, with lots of data and examples, explaining why this was happening and what the change meant in terms of impact.

Learning how to do “all the things”

Thankfully, the companies and businesses I mentioned above do offer free training on how to use their products. However, I have found that there’s always more to learn because you’ll wear so many hats.

My resource for additional training is Skillshare. I really like it because they have so many online course topics. And when you sign up for a Skillshare workshop (a series of courses that you agree to complete within a specific timeframe), you don’t just learn about new skills, you apply that information afterward to ensure you grasp the concepts. You then post your work and exchange feedback with “classmates.” And you may even receive input from the instructor.

Dale McManus did that with me, which I appreciated. I got a lot out of his iPhone photography and cohesive Instagram feed courses, as well as Joe Greer’s mobile photography class.

There are so many other topics, too. The courses cover many creative areas (from podcasting and painting to baking and book binding), as well as a wide range of business, leadership and productivity skills.

I hope this helps

There’s a lot more to being an influencer than most people realize, but having the right tools makes it a heck of a lot easier to shorten the ramp-up time and stand out. Whether you’re a blogger, podcaster, course creator or social media influencer, these resources I’ve mentioned can help you increase your reach and impact – and do it in a sophisticated, engaging way.

Wishing you all the best as you pursue your passion!

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