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I never aspired to blog, but sometimes life throws challenges – and opportunities – your way that you can’t ignore. (Even if you try, which I did, at first.)

In September 2018, I was processing some new information I’d received about my oldest child (that he’s gifted). As I began learning about “the G word,” it explained the social challenges my sweet boy had been experiencing for three years.

The relief I felt for finally having a root cause, so to speak, quickly turned to frustration. The more I read, the more I realized there had been several clues. So why on earth had it taken so long to get these answers?

My inspiration for this blog

By trade, I’m a communications strategist who focuses on health care and higher education; therefore, I couldn’t help but think about all the ways to increase awareness. I also began to realize how many of my work and life experiences have been preparing me to carry this torch.

So now, here I am, blogging my heart out.

On a personal note, I love coffee and am a Zulily junkie. I’ve also joked for decades that ice cream can make just about anything better. (Watching your child be continually ostracized is one of the exceptions.)

In addition, I’m one of those lucky individuals (insert eye roll) who realizes what I should have said to someone, who was rude to me, about 10 minutes after the moment has passed.

In a way, this blog is a chance for me to have my say – about giftedness, at least.

I am by no means an expert on this topic. My background has simply prepared me to convey what experts in this field already know.

I hope that, together, we can guide these children to a path of confidence and success, rather than one of self-doubt and lost opportunities.

All the best,

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