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Fundraising season has begun! Some schools hold carnivals and silent auctions rather than asking students to sell popcorn and candy door to door. (Thankfully, my kids’ school is one of them!)

33 bid-on-me jars to raise money for your school. Themes include: all things fall, mindbender mania, fairy dreams, I'm flipping out & more.

Like most silent auctions, we offer individual items, like gift certificates to local businesses. There also are themed gift baskets as well as smaller jars that students love to bid on

Ideas abound when it comes to themed baskets; however, there are surprisingly few ideas out there for bid-on-me jars. Some basket themes translate well to smaller versions of the same topic. When doing this, the important thing to remember is that you’ll need to pay close attention to each item’s height and width so you can get it into the container and the winning bidder can get it back out.

Theme thought starters

If you’d like some inspiration to help get started, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. You’ve probably seen a few of these before; however, I’ve also included several that I brainstormed on my own.

1. All Things Fall jar – Include a caramel apple (without nuts), tickets to a nearby farm or pumpkin patch, and something pumpkin spice, of course. Then add a few faux leaves and acorns (to avoid bugs or anything growing), and an autumn-themed book with a pretty cover. (Buy a paperback version so it’s easy to get in and out of the jar.)  🙂  This fall-inspired bookmark is pretty, too!

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #2 is a Brainteasers jar.
Fidget spinner cube by D-FantiX, Mini Sudoku for Kids 6×6: Easy to Hard paperback by Nick Snels, & Kanoodle by Educational Insights

2. Mindbender Mania jar – This would be really appealing to a “STEM kid” like mine, who loves challenges. Pictured here are some small brainteaser toys and activities that my little guy enjoys. (Ivan’s Hinge by Fat Brain Toys & Flexi Puzzle by Brainwright are two others.)

For more ideas, search for assembly and disentanglement toys on Amazon.

(hint: these toys make great stocking stuffers and Easter basket stuffers, too!)

3. The Good Old Days jar – Incorporate a couple games, like jacks and Tiddlywinks, as well as a bunch of old-fashioned candy. If you have a Cracker Barrel near you, you can load up on all of the candy there. They often have retro toys and games, too!

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #4 is an Awesome Origami jar.
Origami paper storage case, Origami Book: Simple to Advanced by Robert Harris, & multi-colored 6-inch sheets of origami paper.

4. Awesome Origami jar – I didn’t realize how appealing origami is to kids until a few months ago when my children attended a summer camp where they offered it as a class choice. My artsy daughter and aspiring engineer are both hooked now!

For this jar, simply include origami paper, a square container to store it, and a few detailed (and nice-looking) printouts or an origami book. (Origami Book: Simple to Advanced by Robert Harris is good because the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.) Also make a couple origami pieces from the book/printouts and put them in the jar, too. Not only will they make your jar look nicer and help fill it up, showing “the final product” will inspire kids to try making origami themselves.

5. All Things Art jar – This theme is an easy one to create. Just grab some: crayons; washable markers; stickers; pom poms; blank, colored index cards; glitter glue; etc. You can stock up on all of this at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. They always have sales, so be sure to check their store app for coupons.

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #6 is is an All About Otters jar.
Plush sea otter by Aurora World, pencil case by LParkin, level 1 reader by National Geographic Kids, stickers by Playhouse, & Fingerling baby sloth.

6. All About Otters jar – All the kids will be oohing and awwing over this one. Incorporate an adorable stuffed animal, stickers, a little book or some nice print-out activities, and maybe a DVD, and you’re sure to get lots of bids!

7. Makerspace Mania jar – Makerspaces are becoming really popular, so this is a fun twist on the art theme. School makerspaces tend to have items like: popsicle sticks, pom poms, Play-Doh, colorful painters tape (it’s more forgiving than masking tape), toothpicks, washable glue, pipe cleaners, straws, plastic eating utensils and cups.

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #8 is fairy jars! These mason jar fairy gardens are by Kristyn, creator of the Lil’ Luna blog. See her tutorial if you'd like to make your own!
Mason jar fairy gardens by Kristyn, creator of the Lil’ Luna blog. See her tutorial if you’d like to make your own!

8. Fairy Dreams jar – Some clever women are combining two popular concepts – fairy gardens and Mason jars – into, you guessed it, fairy jars! I love how this image to the right that shows how you can use the same idea for two different jar sizes. I found it on the Lil’ Luna blog.

Stephanie, the MomDot blogger, added a tea light to make her fairy garden glow. It would be pretty as a night light. And not only did blogger/YouTuber Lily Ardor add a tea light, she made hers into a fairy lantern.

Needless to say, if you have any of these cuties at your bid-on-me-jar event, girls (and their moms) will be eager to cast the highest bid.

9. Lunch with My Favorite Teacher jar – Imagine what a hit this would be. You could have an entire section just for this that includes a jar for each teacher! Aside from the jar itself, all you’d have to do is insert a photograph of each teacher and one or two little props like a ruler, a faux apple, or a few faux leaves and acorns.

Another idea is to include an item that reflects each teacher’s personality. For example, if all the kids know about her dog, also include a photo or figurine of the breed of dog she has. If all the students know how much she loves to read, add a fun book and a bookmark.

To make it extra fun, have someone photograph each teacher making an animated expression or holding a silly prop. This will get everyone giggling – and bidding!  

10. Principal for a Day jar – What kid wouldn’t want the opportunity to do this? Your school principal could solicit the help of the winning bidder for morning announcements and involve him or her in 2-3 other “fun” aspects of the job. A couple of those responsibilities could even show why the skills students learn, like math, neat writing and strong communication skills, are important. (Sneaky, right?) 🙂 Don’t forget to include an Honorary Principal certificate!

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #11 is a Silly Sloths jar.
Plush slap bracelet by Wild Republic; stickers by Violette Stickers; Slow, Slow Sloths level 2 reader; & pencil case by LParkin.

11. Silly Sloths jar – Sweet and cuddly animals are so fun that you could easily have more than one at an event like this; sloths are another one. There are so many items available right now, featuring these little guys, that you could quickly fill up a bid-on-me jar. Here are a few of them!

12. Mad Scientist jar – This article on the Non-Toy Gifts blog, describing 11 DIY science kits for kids, will provide you with plenty of inspiration to create a jar with this theme. Also, don’t forget kid-size goggles for eye protection!

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #13 is a Family Game Night jar.
Sleeping Queens card game by Gamewright, Suspend Junior by Melissa & Doug, & Spot It! card game.

13. Family Game Night jar – This theme is an oldie, but a goodie. Family Game Night Baskets always attract lots of bids at school silent auctions.

Here are some smaller games that would work well for a bid-on-me jar. They’re really fun, too. (Just check out the reviews on Amazon!)

14. Secret Spy jar – My son’s night-vision scope that I snagged a couple years ago, for a great price on Zulily, made me think of this theme. If you buy one, just ensure it has good ratings so you’re not giving the winning bidder a dud! Other fun spy items could be: a book about spies (again, paperback so it can fit through the jar opening), secret-code printables, spy journal, an invisible ink pen, or a plain white puzzle that you write a secret message on that they need to assemble. There are countless ideas on Pinterest, like 10 Awesome Spy Party Favors. P.S. Don’t forget dark sunglasses! P.S. Don’t forget dark sunglasses!

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #15 is an Ice Cream Sundae jar!
Dean Jacob’s 4-in-1 chocolate accents & SUMO ice cream scoop with non-slip rubber grip.

15. Ice Cream Sundae jar – This is an easy, but fun one! Add pretty paper cups and spoons, some cocktail napkins and an ice cream scoop to match them, and lots of assorted sprinkles. You also can include a gift card to one of your local ice cream shops.

16. Local Sports Team jarTeam merchandise will have fans cheering for this themed jar. Include a few small or skinny items, like a fidget spinner, backpack clip, playing cards and a water bottle with the team logo. Also be sure to add in a game day snack, like a bag or two of microwavable popcorn. Kids’ height and weight can really vary, so to garner as many bids as possible, avoid sized clothing, except for maybe a youth-size hat (which would fit most any child) if your jar opening is big enough to accommodate it.

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #17 is an I'm Flipping Out jar!
Slap bracelets by Slapperz, Yappy chihuahua by Beanie Boos, Whimsy key clip/backpack clip by Ty Beanie, & violet/sparkly blue wristlet.

17. I’m Flipping Out jarFlippable sequin products and clothing are all the rage right now, so there would be a lot of competition to win a jar with this theme. (I can just hear my daughter now!)

Simply fill up your jar, put it on display, and watch the bids roll in!

18. Paint Your Heart Out jar – Paint and some good-quality brushes are a given for this one. Also be sure to add a couple instructional painting books. (Again, paperback is best.) Hobby Lobby and other craft stores have them.

33 awesome school auction bid-on-me jars ideas. #19 is an Outdoor Adventure jar!
Bug catcher & viewer; 100 Questions about Bugs (hardcover, but only 6″ wide so check your jar opening); & high-rez optics, compact binoculars by Obuby

19. Outdoor Adventure jar – Kids are mini explorers, so they love little tools and gadgets to explore the outdoors and search for butterflies, worms and creepy crawlies. My kids have enjoyed catching fireflies and ladybugs in the bug catcher and viewer pictured above!

Also, I highly recommend including a Roly-Poly Playground, too. Hint: keep it in the original packaging so bidders see the tips for what to put in the playground with them (like tiny rocks and leaves). I bought one for my kids at Hobby Lobby; Amazon has them as well.

20. Bananas for Bird jar – Bird watching is another take on the outdoor theme. Combine kid-friendly binoculars with a children’s book about our feathered friends, and you’ve got the makings of a great bid-on-me jar. This highly-rated kit on Amazon is surprisingly inexpensive for what you get. It comes with binoculars; a small, paperback 30-page book; and a compass that has a whistle.

You could take out the contents and display them in your auction jar along with a small branch, and a couple faux birds or a few faux feathers. Easy peasy!

21. Girls Night In jar – Spa and Girls Night In auction baskets are always popular, and so many of the items in them are small. You could easily make a mini version for a bid-on-me jar. Just add pretty nail polish, cute nail files, colorful finger and toe separators, and a kid-safe facial mask. If you want to add a child-size sleeping mask, Santa slipped one in my daughter’s stocking last year. (He got it from this Etsy seller and she loves it because it’s super soft.)

High-quantity home runs

For those who prefer the “one and done” approach to shopping, bulk items make great bid-on-me jars, too. You can make your jar’s theme really simple by purchasing multiples of the same type of toy or item.

Buy them in a variety of colors or styles, so the jar looks more appealing. (This will help increase the bids.)

Here are some examples:

22. Magnetic tile building blocks jar
23. Hatchimals jar
24. Ninjago LEGOs jar
25. Pokemon jar
26. Hair accessories jar
27. Hot Wheels jar
28. Shopkins jar
29. LOL Surprise jar
30. Mighty Beanz jar
31. Barbie Mania jar
32. Baseball cards jar
33. LEGO Love jar – hint: mostly basic, colorful LEGOs with a few unique pieces or fun minifigures prominently displayed (i.e., not buried in the middle where bidders can’t see them)

I’m sure you can come up with many other themes if you spend a few minutes brainstorming. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Tips for silent auction organizers

There are many types of jars so, if you’re one of the event organizers, give parents a specific size to work with (i.e., quart-size, gallon-size).  

Also, help them out by telling them which local stores carry those types of jars, or buy them in bulk out of your PTA funds so those making jars don’t have to pay for that cost as well. When you do this, they’ll likely spend more money on each jar’s treasures, which will drive up bids – and quickly offset the expense of the jars.

Also, when you send out your call for submissions, be very clear that they should pay close attention to each item’s height and width as they’re making purchases. You don’t want them buying items that are too big, which they’ll have to return. That will be frustrating and, if the process feels like a hassle, they won’t be as likely to contribute next year.

Supporting our schools

While this may seem like a “fluffy” post for me, fundraising is so important.

With the money that my PTA has raised in the past, we’ve purchased Chromebooks, a special needs playground, and much more! And this year, the proceeds from our silent auction will help fund a major upgrade to our school library including: new furniture, 3D printing and virtual reality technology.

My little engineer rarely comments on school voluntarily, but the day he heard about these updates, he was quite the motormouth when he walked in the door!

Again, I hope these tips and ideas are helpful. And best of luck to you on your fundraising efforts!

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