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It’s Amazon Prime Day July 15-16, so I decided to see what’s on sale right now. Here are some great games, toys and magazines, at steep discounts!

Rubik’s Race two-player game – I just bought this last Tuesday and our whole family loves it. My son also tells me his second-grade teacher had it as one of her indoor-recess games.

Another reason I love Rubik’s Race is that I can give my “kite kid” quite a run for his money! Lol 🙂

Kanoodle – My son loves these little games by Educational Insights. They’re perfect for car rides or to slip in a child’s backpack. They also make great stocking and Easter basket stuffers. This one is a good price right now through Amazon.

Perplexus Beast – My kite kid loves Perplexus, too. Every time he sees one, he’s drawn to it like a magnet.

My little engineer also has been a fan of Snap Circuits for some time now, so the kits keep getting bigger, and more advanced. There are several versions on sale for great prices right now. Here are three of them:

Battleship game – Always fun on a rainy day, at home or for indoor recess.

Wooden chess set – Of course, right?

Contixo Puppy smart, interactive robot pet – My kite kid loves his Cozmo robot, which isn’t on sale; however, this adorable little guy is – and he has solid reviews. (Don’t tell my kids! They’ll want him, too.)

Many kite kids love origami. These next three are on sale right now, and perfect for Star Wars and Harry Potter fans.

Scrabble – This board game is an oldie, but a goodie; especially for smart kiddos who love challenges.

Makeblock Airblock transformable drone/hovercraft robot – This is almost half off right now. If your kid is a gear head, need I say more?

Also, if you have a kite kid who is an aspiring engineer, there’s really no need to wait until he’s eight (even though that’s the recommended age). My son loved both of these by the time he was about five-and-a-half years old:

Dig kits are always fun, too. National Geographic has some good sales on them right now:

If you read last month’s article about book and magazine ideas for educators and clinicians, you know why I like Highlights and Ask. Both are available at a discount right now as part of their Newsstand Deals. Here’s the scoop:

Highlights for Children – These are great magazines for a wide range of kids. My almost-nine-year-old kite kid still enjoys seeing this in our mailbox each month. Amazon Lightning Deal: For the first half of Tuesday, July 16, Amazon Prime members can score six issues for less than $1 each.

Ask – This is an arts and science publication that teaches kids about past and present inventors, scientists and artists, in fun and interesting ways. The topics appeal to kite kids’ intense inquisitiveness; however, if you’re a teacher or pediatric clinician, this magazine also will appeal to your other students and patients. Check out the Prime Day Deal for this one, too.

Boys’ Life – Also, there isn’t a Prime Day deal for Boys’ Life, but because it’s already half off of the newsstand price, I’d be remiss not to mention it. Keep in mind that kids don’t have to be scouts to enjoy this magazine. Each issue is packed with content that non-scouts love, too, including: clever tips, inspiring stories, articles about various professions, and jokes and riddles that even adults will enjoy hearing. (Really, whoever writes them is talented!) When you buy a one-year subscription through Amazon, it’s only $2 per issue.

Lastly, my rising second-grader, who hasn’t been tested (but is bright and seems to have more overexcitabilities than her big brother) loves Klutz products, too. Here are two current sales:

Whether you need a child’s birthday gift, want to make a new-school-year-contribution to your student’s indoor-recess game choices, or you’d simply like to do some early Christmas shopping, there are some great Amazon deals right now. Take advantage of them.

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